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  • Injured in the USA?
  • Car Insurance USA Attorney - Law Firm
  • Injury or medical malpractice in a hospital or clinic in USA
  • Accident or Injury in a Hotel or Motel in USA

Accident in USA?

Have you been injured in the US? Are you victim of a traffic accident in the USA?...

Have you been injured in the United States due to an accident, a crime or medical malpractice?

Urban Thier & Federer represents international clients with regards to claiming damages related to traffic accidents, compensation for victims of criminal offenses and medical malpractice claims in the United States.

In the US, a client can be represented under a success fee, or contingency fee agreement. This eliminates the risk of legal fees for the client.

The firm maintains offices in the USA as well as in Germany and the United Kingdom in order to optimally represent clients from overseas in US cases. 

Injured in the USA - Attorney Law Firm


If you wish to assert your claim for damages in the United States, our US-attorneys offer representation on a contingency/no-win-no fee basis for certain cases. This means the attorney carries the risk of the legal fees and only gets paid out of the recovery in case of a success! More...

Victim of a Violent Crime

Did you fall victim to a crime in the United States
  • Have you been injured in a criminal act in the US?
  • Did you fall victim to a crime in the United States and were you injured in the process?


Medical malpractice in the USA

Medical malpractice in the USA
  • Have you been injured as a result of a medical procedure in a US hospital? Did an American doctor commit medical malpractice and you suffered serious injuries in the US as a result?


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