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Accident or Injury in a Hotel or Motel in USA

Accident or Injury in a Hotel or Motel in USA?

Did you suffer an accident in a Hotel or a Motel during a trip within the United States? Did you slip and fall while in a US Hotel? Did you suffer substantial injuries during an accident in a hotel in the United States?

We represent you agresssively in all 50 states of the United States, to claim damages and compensation for pain and suffering. We usually represent our clients on a success basis, under a contingency fee agreement.

If you are not a resident of the US, our foreign offices can assit you locally with the compiling of medical data related to your accident. Our offices in Germany and the UK can assist you with additional consultation if requested.  

Injured in the USA - Attorney Law Firm


If you wish to assert your claim for damages in the United States, our US-attorneys offer representation on a contingency/no-win-no fee basis for certain cases. This means the attorney carries the risk of the legal fees and only gets paid out of the recovery in case of a success! More...

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